Bearchester United
T Logo Bearchester
Team logo
Team Info
Animal Species Polar bear
Player Colour Light blue with black muzzle
Player Size Large
Based on Manchester United
Becomes available by winning Ultimate Pet Championship
Player #1 (Attacker) Beartez
Player #2 (Attacker) Silvet
Player #3 (Attacker) Cabell
Player #4 (Defender) Owel
Player #5 (Defender) Banc
Player #6 (Defender) Honeys
Player #7 (Goalkeeper) Furson
Strength 3
Accuracy 3
Reflex 3
"Polar bears like to play after lunch every day!"
"Opponents are afraid of their stubbornness and unbreakable willingness to fight till the end."
(The team's ingame description)

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