Bullrusia Dortmund
T Logo Bullrusia
Team logo
Team Info
Animal Species Bull
Player Colour Brown with beige snout
Player Size Large
Based on Borussia Dortmund
Becomes available by winning Pet Soccer Federation Cup
Player #1 (Attacker) Laman
Player #2 (Attacker) Worm
Player #3 (Attacker) Hornler
Player #4 (Defender) Picken
Player #5 (Defender) Biboc
Player #6 (Defender) Dudu
Player #7 (Goalkeeper) Buller
Strength 5
Accuracy 3
Reflex 1
"These crazy bulls have their own rules!"
"This team is renowned for their strength and spirit to fight. Tough players."
(The team's ingame description)

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