Dynamo Tiranosaurus
T Logo Dynamo
Team logo
Team Info
Animal Species Tyrannosaurus Rex
Player Colour Green with yellow underbelly
Player Size Large
Based on FC Dynamo Kyiv
Becomes available by winning Open Pet Soccer Tournament
Player #1 (Attacker) Shokolovsky
Player #2 (Attacker) Hoko
Player #3 (Attacker) Dmitrozaur
Player #4 (Defender) Kardazaur
Player #5 (Defender) Shevkochtyl
Player #6 (Defender) Rexbrov
Player #7 (Goalkeeper) Jurassov
Strength 4
Accuracy 2
Reflex 3
"Dinosaurs stop playing mild when they get really wild!"
"One of the oldest teams on the Earth. Some even believe they created soccer. It's their national sport."
(The team's ingame description)

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