Frogen Leverkusen
T Logo Frogen
Team logo
Team Info
Animal Species Frog
Player Colour Green
Player Size Small
Based on Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Player #1 (Attacker) Bit
Player #2 (Attacker) Ziko
Player #3 (Attacker) Frogler
Player #4 (Defender) Kissen
Player #5 (Defender) Dissel
Player #6 (Defender) Backlack
Player #7 (Goalkeeper) Greenvald
Strength 2
Accuracy 2
Reflex 5
"Frogs know how to kick the ball! Even when they sometimes fall."
"Very controvesial team. Often unnoticed when on the field. But quick and energetic."
(The team's ingame description)

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