Lyon Lions
T Logo Lions
Team logo
Team Info
Animal Species Lion
Player Colour Yellow with orange mane
Player Size Large
Based on Olympique Lyonnais
Becomes available by winning Open Cyber-Cup Championship
Player #1 (Attacker) Pupet
Player #2 (Attacker) Papaca
Player #3 (Attacker) Roaret
Player #4 (Defender) Brucet
Player #5 (Defender) Ardensen
Player #6 (Defender) Clawinho
Player #7 (Goalkeeper) Mane
Strength 3
Accuracy 5
Reflex 1
"Whatever some might say, the Lions know how to play!"
"Lions are very well trained and considered one of the most challenging teams in the Pet Cup."
(The team's ingame description)

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